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The Yarmouth Bike Path begins in South Yarmouth on Old Townhouse Road, just off Route 6 at Exit 75. There are large parking areas at either the new Station Avenue pedestrian overpass bridge or at Homer Park (Old Townhouse Road). The Yarmouth Trail east of Homer Park was completed in the summer of 2017.

Yarmouth Pedestrian Bridge

From either parking area, you have a choice of directions. Heading west on the trail just behind the utilities building at Peter Homer Park will take you along Old Townhouse Road to a crossing at West Yarmouth Road, and then into the Cranberry Hills golf area. Here, the trail runs along the border of the golf course, with beautiful views along the way.

Yarmouth Bike Path

The trail then travels through very level oak and pitch pine woods and ends at Higgins Crowell Road in West Yarmouth. It is about 2 miles from the park on Old Townhouse Road to Higgins Crowell Road. Plans are in the works to someday extend this trail further west, as part of the Cape Cod Rail Trail. Possible routes are still being discussed, but may bring the route to Willow Street and then through conservation land in the area.

Bike Path Cranberry Hills

Heading east from Old Townhouse, the trail runs behind the Peter Homer Park playing fields and then up along the railroad grade toward Station Avenue. This is a busy industrial area, with several stores and restaurants just near Station Avenue. The pedestrian bridge brings you over Station Avenue to the new Station Avenue Rail Trail parking lot. The level trail continues through pitch pine woods all the way to Great Western Road, a distance of just over a mile. The Rail Trail now continues further from there and then across Bass River to connect to the Dennis portion of the Cape Cod Rail Trail.

Flax Pond Recreation Area

Turning right on Dupont Avenue, about halfway between Station Avenue and Great Western Road will bring you to Flax Pond Recreation Center. This is a beautiful spot. Here there is fresh-water swimming, a large picnic area, a nice playground and restrooms.

Flax Pond Sign

Yarmouth Bike Trail Map

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